Doug's Family & Friends

Several organisations and individuals have come together to create Doug. It's a wonderful thing!


No Nasties is an ethical fashion brand created to help Indian cotton farmers. The Doug social enterprise was founded by the No Nasties team. Visit No Nasties here


Chetana Vikas is a non-profit organisation working with over 5000 farmer families in Wardha, India for rural development. The women that make Doug are all part of Chetana Vikas. Read about Chetana Vikas here.


The students of Pearson College London work on marketing & distribution of Dougs around UK to raise funds to support this social enterprise. Read more about Pearson College here.


Pave is an internship provider that specialises in developing students through internships in India. Pave was instrumental in bringing the students from Pearson College into this social enterprise. Read about Pave here.