What's the story?

Cotton farming in India is tough. Really, really tough. 

Farmers usually take high-interest loans to buy cotton seeds, fertilisers & pesticides and a failed crop season can mean financial doom for them. Most farms are irrigated only by rain water and a poor monsoon can literally be the difference between life & death.

Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in India in the last 15 years due to financial hardships, leaving behind their wives & children to deal with the situation. This is the largest number of suicides in human history, and the region these women are located in is the worst hit part of this crisis.

But these women are fighters! They're battling everything that comes their way and moving forward together by way of community support, entrepreneurship and sheer determination.

The story of cotton is the story of clouds & rain, and the communities that are affected by it year after year. 

Doug connects you and lets you be part of this story as well by helping this community of women farmers.